Give to your cattle a clean fodder

Bin Pony 2 give to your cattle a clean fodder through the aisles of the livestock thanks to its uploading system with 2 coclheas, the first one in the tank and the other one frontal, which you can turn right or left and regulate in height. The tank is made to order according to the customer's needs: you can choose the necessary volume and the height to fill up eventually the silos. Besides you can detach the tank from the principal frame to use the wheelbarrow for other works just in a few minutes.



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overall platform width 57-60 cm
total lenght 80-112-140-160 cm
height 80 cm
rail 52 cm
loading platform height 44,5 cm
progressive and graduated drive system
adjustable handlebar
weight 120 Kg
carry on weight 300 Kg
carry on weight with 20% gradient 200 Kg
power supply Dc 36V
battery standard AGM 40Ah
battery output display on board
progressive and graduated drive system
disc brake
max prescribed forward speed 5 km/h
max speed astern Max 3 km/h
traction wheels 4.00/8
support wheels/steering wheels 4.00/4
volume of charge 320 L

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