Why electrical vehicles Wgreen Tecnology?


Using electrical vehicles in agriculture: all the benefits

Why using vehicles with electrical traction in agriculture? We have three answers for this question.


To begin with, we have to list all the resulting benefits for the environment. Our company is located in Valle Talloria, between the hills which recently became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, we are very sensitive towards the protection of the environment. And this is why we decided to produce environmentally-friendly working tools.


A second aspect: great benefits for the user. Our product have been conceived in order to protect the operator's health and ergonomy while using our products. A job in the countryside is generally recognized of being a consuming job. With the equipment Wgreen Tecnology, the operator's health is well preserved. No more back pains, no more articular pain caused by a particular posture requested from the kind of work to be done. Our electric wheelbarrow makes working in the countryside easier.


Last but not least benefit: significant savings deriving from choosing an electric traction vehicle. Very low maintenance costs and the battery pack is guaranteed for 2 years. Our machines can work for a whole day straight. A battery charge, has to be done by plugging the battery to a simple power socket, it costs about 0,60 - 0,80€, against about 10€ for the fuel which has to be put in a traditional machine. Silent vehicles, ecofriendly, they protect the user's health, low maintenance costs: what are you waiting for switching to electric Wgreen Tecnology?

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