If an internal combustion engine costs less, why should I choose the electric engine economically speaking?

In this case the saving is only illusory. An internal combustion engine requires maintenance, fuel, change of oil, strainer and spark plug, inspection... and all these things are very expensive. So in a few years you have spent more than an electric engine, whose only disadvantage is his price of initial purchase.


What are the advantages which an electric engine can offer?

the electric engine is:

INEXPENSIVE = for a workday the operator spends only the cost of the recharge of the battery (if it is realy out of battery) which is on average 60 cent;

HEALTHY= you can work without exertion and without breathing harmful gases;

DURABLE= a machine has a long life, which is sufficient to pay again the initial purchase and to get many advantages after it.


Does Wgreen Tecnology use free acid or agm-gel batteries?

We use battery with the agm-gel technology for the preparation in series even though they are more expensive than free acid battery.

The advantages are:

Security, in the event that there is an overturning or a break of the casing the battery does not leak liquid and ,therefore, no pollution.

- This kind of battery reloads faster that a free acid battery.

- There is no compulsory maintenance.

-  Low self-discharge, while in a free acid battery is higher.

-  Long duration: these batteries have more charge-recharge cycles than common batteries.


How many years does a battery last (on average)?

A battery has on average 800 cycles of recharge to 80% of his use, which corresponds to 4 work professional years. Wgreen Tecnology uses standard batteries which you can find easily on the market and so you are not obliged to buy them from us.


How does a battery recharge?

It is very simple!

When the computer indicates the necessity of recharge, you detach the socket and recharge the battery by his battery charger till you get a total recharge.


Does Wgreen Tecnology's machines have lithium batteries?

Of course but on customer's request. This type of battery is expensive but very powerful and therefore perfect for heavy works. 


Is the use of the machines difficult?

No, it isn't. All our machines are easy and intuitive to use. Every information are written on the maintenance and instruction manual which we give to youMoreover we offer training courses to improve the use of the machine on security.


How many tractions Wgreen Tecnology use?

Wgreen Tecnology uses 4 types of traction to satisfy every work's needs avoiding a work limitation of the user.

Traction with a gearmotor oil bath with differential integrated, the ideal solution for many uses, but not for slippery lands.

Tracion with a stiff axle and the final drive chaine to maximize the strenght and offer a unbeatable traction on slippery lands.

Traction with 4 wheel-drive, perfect for sloping lands, on the sand and the snow.

Patented traction Wgreen Tecnology, we have designed this system to offer a manageable machine for every lands, which can stop automatically the traction to free itself from unpassable situations.


Are the machines heavy?

All standard machine are lightweight: they have a weight from 80 Kg to 140 Kg, according to the type of machine that the customer have chosen for his work's needs.

Moreover their dimensions let an easy transport and above all an adjustment of the work to do. So they are functional.


What kind of work a Wgreen Tecnology machine can do?

Our machines do lots of things!

They can work on a straight surface or on a sloping land. They work through narrow places as for instance beans orchard too. Moreover you can work with free hands and without neglecting your health and above all your work. Finally our machines can weed and work through a greenhouse. 


What kind of tyres does Wgreen Tecnology use?

All the machines have standard tyres, which are perfect on agricultural lands and specific for customer's needs of work.


Of what does the maintenance of an electric engine consist?

According to the applied technology an electric engine requires some controls each 500 work hours to check the wear of the brushes.


Why should I choose a Wgreen Tecnology machine and not another one, which is not produced in Italy?

Because it is MADE IN ITALY.

Everyone knows that italian products are characterized for quality and therefore durabiliy.

A product which is not produced in Italy could be cheaper, but it last less, while with a Wgreen Tecnology machine you will regain the price of it thanks to its work and its durability.

Besides Wgreen Tecnology is the only brand which have received 6 awards in Italy because we have created new machines which respect work conditions of the user.


Can I have a machine with specific features?

Yes, of course! Wgreen Tecnology works for and with you.

You must contact us at +39 0173/388904 – 231519 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to satisfy each of your expectations.


Who should I contact if I have a problem?

The retailer where you have bought the machine or contact the previous contacts written above.


Where can I buy Wgreen Tecnology machines?

You can find our machines from our retailers, who are on the page CONTACT of  our website or you can contact us.

For what consern abroad, contact us and we will suggest you a reference agent.

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